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Technical courses

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Technical Diver

This course will allow your diving possibilities to expand even further with training in the use of technical equipment.  Our instructors will teach you to dive with two cylinders and an additional cylinder containing EAN 50, which will be used during decompression stops.  You will also be taught how to deal with potential problems you may encounter when tech diving.

Ice Diver

Diving beneath a sheet of ice takes special training and leaves little room for error because, during most of the dive, you have no direct access to the surface.  Since technical equipment and experience are required for Ice Diving, we have placed it under the category of Technical Diving.  Our instructors will teach you how to dive safely while connected to both a surface team and the umbilical cord of your reel, which you will unwind while under the ice.

Sidemount Diver

In this course, you will learn how to dive with a sidemount configuration - with cylinders clipped to your sides, as opposed to secured onto your back.  You will be taught how sidemount can be used in various circumstances and in different types of dives.  Using helium and nitrox compounds, you will learn to dive in confined areas and in places with poor visibility.  Various potential problems will be introduced, and you will be taught how to handle them while using the sidemount system.  The most rewarding part of this course is acquiring the ability to dive with a completely different scuba configuration than you are used to.

Cave Diver

 This course will improve your abilities beyond those needed for diving under ice, as you will be introduced to the additional complication of moving through confined spaces.  In addition, water tends to be more turbid in caves than it is under a sheet of ice.  You will be taught how to dive through these confined areas without being able to see and in which your umbilical cord is the only link between you and the outside world.  Our instructors will teach you how to deal with a wide array of problems you may encounter during cave dives.

Technical Wreck Diver 

A Technical Wreck Diver is a diver who has been trained to explore the interiors of shipwrecks and search them for artifacts and evidence of their origins.  At times, a simple survey of the interior and its layout is all that is needed to be conducted.  This course will teach you how to plan a wreck penetration dive, how to move when inside a shipwreck, which types of gas blends to use, how to use a support team, and plenty of additional knowledge, skills, and information that are crucial to performing techincal wreck dives.  Our instructors will teach you everything you need to know.

Normoxic Trimix Diver and Decompression Procedures 

In this course, you will learn to use two different gas blends, which will allow you to perform longer, deeper dives without accumulating dangerous amounts of excess nitrogen in your body tissues.  You will be taught how to switch from nitrogen to helium, thereby allowing you to dive safely at greater depths.  You will not only learn how to plan safe dives, but also how to determine which gas blends you should use, and how to deal with a vast array of potential problems you may face while underwater.  Our technical instructors will teach you all the practices, calculations, and skills you will need to know for these types of dives.  During practice sessions, you will learn all the important methods and safety checks that are performed before and during every single Normoxic Trimix decompression dive.