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Recreational courses

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Scuba Diver

This is an introductory scuba diving course.  The student will learn all about diving and the operation of diving equipment, which will be used during exercises in an underwater practice session.  With this certification, you may dive, but only under the direct supervision of your scuba instructor.

Open Water Diver

This is the most popular course.  The strong knowledge base provided by this course, especially its practical exercises, will help you to expand beyond the boundaries of diving under supervision.  By becoming an Open Water Diver, you and your dive partner will be able to dive freely and independently, without the direct supervision of your dive instructor.  The specializations "Boat Diving" and "Operating a Dive Computer" are integrated into our "Open Water Diver" course.  Don't hesitate and check out the materials right now!  You will see that this course is not as complicated as you may have expected, and chances are that you will be able to handle it.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Three very important specializations in this course will raise you to the level of an advanced diver.  These are "Deep Diver," "Navigation Diver," and "Night Diver."  After the successful completion of these three specializations, you will become an even more qualified and secure diver.  At this course level, we expect students to own their own equipment, which they will learn to handle safely.  You can only become a good diver if you care for your equipment properly.

Master Scuba Diver

This is the highest qualification in recreational diving.  In order to obtain this certification, the diver must have completed the "Advanced Open Water Diver," "Rescue Diver," and "Oxygen Provider" courses, and have logged more than fifty dives.  Once these requirements have been verified by European Diving School, certification can be issued.


Nitrox Diver

This course is in very high demand.  Diving with Nitrox will enable you to perform longer and safer non-decompression dives.  As far as safety is concerned, Nitrox is becoming more and more widespread and is used in the majority of dive centers around the world, especially at those where they do multiple dives in one day.  

Advanced Nitrox diver

In this course, you will acquire some abilities for technical diving, allowing you to perform safer dives with a higher level of Nitrox - EAN 50%.  This gas blend will be used during ascent and at safety stops.

Dry Suit Diver

This course is especially welcomed by divers from the middle and higher latitudes of Europe, as cold weather prevails for almost six months of the year in these areas.  Some divers never dive without a dry suit, even in summer when the water temperature at a depth of ten meters is only about eight degrees!  In this course, you will learn the techniques of dry suit diving, which differ greatly from those of diving in a wetsuit, the exposure protection that you used in your basic courses.

Navigation Diver

This specialization is obligatory in the "Advanced Open Water Diver" course.  It will acquaint you with both natural and compass navigation in the subaquatic environment.  You will be taught how to orient yourself underwater so that you can always find the location that you are looking for, and return safely to your exit point.