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Instructors courses


Instructor courses

Open Water Diver Instructor and Assistant Instructor

These courses give you the unique opportunity of putting all the diving experience you have gained to good use.  Becoming an instructor is a rewarding step in your career, and one which is highly respected and sought after in the diving world.  Your knowledge and skills will continue to grow with every additional instructor certification you receive, and your work will constantly bring you fulfillment and satisfaction.  

Advanced Open Water Diver Instructor 

This course will elevate you to an even higher level.  Upon certification, you can begin teaching the "Advanced Open Water Diver" course.

Specialty Instructor

 If you have attainted some specialty that you would like to teach, you may do so as a Specialty Instructor after completing this course.

Divemaster Instructor

 You may teach the "Divemaster" course after attaining this certification.

Technical Instructor

After completing this course, you are certified to teach the "Advanced Nitrox Diver" and "Technical Diver" courses.

Normoxic Trimix Instructor

With this certification, you can teach the "Normoxic Trimix Diver" course.

Assistant Instructor Trainer

This certification allows you to assist Instructor Trainers with their courses.  
You may also train instructors who are crossing over to EDS.

Instructor Trainer

After completing this course, you can teach any instructor-level course.
You may also train instructors who are crossing over to EDS.