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European Diving School

European Diving School (EDS) caters to the demands and needs of our instructors, features an affordable pricing policy, and offers the opportunity to teach the broadest range of diving courses possible. All criteria complies with European standards.

Our instructors are professionals who are able to prove longterm experience in their field, have been trained in accordance with European legislature, or have joined our school from other internationally recognized professional associations.

We can become your school, too! All quality instructors are welcome to enroll or crossover to EDS under very favorable conditions. Kindly call us at 777 122 005 or write to us at euds@euds.cz

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Here you will find all possible educational courses. Their scale is probably the widest of all available schools. Scuba diving courses are designed to give pupils an entertaining and entertaining experience to our students as much as possible. Our instructors are constantly informed about new practices and changes that occur in diving. Because the "European Diving School" uses exclusively digital training for teaching material, it can have the most flexibility on the market.