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About us


is an expert guarantor in both technical and recreational diving.  He is the director of European Diving School, as well as the EDS secretary.
He has been diving for thirty years and, in the last fifteen, he has attained all instructor-level certifications.  He ran the bureau of SSI in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for seven years, and published several manuals on technical and recreational diving.  He devotes his time to wreck diving and the filming of these shipwrecks.

František Harantexpert guarantor and professional dive trainer.

works as a dive instructor, a technical diver, and a long-time working diver with extensive experience in diverse conditions and with a variety of equipment.  He and his team are helping to arrange cinematic effects of the aquatic environment for the company Special Films Effects.


Mick Vrána - expert guarantor and instructor of all EDS free diving courses.

Freediving / scuba diving instructor and owner of school Svet pod vodou ( Become diver in 2010 and instructor from 2012.  He can teach you how to hold your breath for 2-3 minutes in a day, based on his knowledge of free-diving, breathing and relaxation techniques.
Author of manuals Freediver 1, 2 of the European diving school. 

Mgr. Blanka Sudíková-Kolářováexpert guarantor and instructor trainer for baby swimming and baby diving (three months old and up) courses without the use of equipment.

has been, for many years, devoting herself to instructing swimming and diving lessons for babies and children, and has trained several dozen instructors throughout the Czech Republic who are interested in doing the same in their respective cities.  She is a former competitive swimmer and has studied at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.  She is the head of the diving club Baby Club Plaváček, whose members can be found all over the Czech Republic.

Jan Bukvaj – expert guarantor and instructor of decompression issues.

is the co-author of European Diving School's training materials and an expert in decompression issues.  He is the author of most of EDS's technical and recreational diving manuals.  His passion is for underwater photography, mainly shipwrecks, and he assists in the organization of dive expeditions to these sites.

Jaroslav Nevoral – technical diver and co-author of European Diving School manuals

is the creator and programmer of the student database and all EDS charts, graphs, and tables.

Josef Habrovec - expert guarantor and instructor of photography courses.

has been diving since 1982 and is the founder and president of the Festival of Underwater Photography UW FOTO BRNO -  He has been shooting underwater since 2002.  Since that time, he has taken the title of Underwater Photography Champion of the Czech Republic seven times, and his last hat-trick occurred from 2008 - 2010.  He has also taken second place twice and third place once in the Czech Championship in Digital UW Photography.  He possesses more than 80 trophies and prizes from both domestic and foreign competitions.  Since 2004, his underwater photos have been on display at 28 exhibitions all over the Czech Republic.


Petr Večeřa - expert guarantor and cave diving instructor


Stanislav Hejhal - expert guarantor and cave diving instructor


Jan Kučera - expert guarantor and diving instructor

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